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"Beneath this falling night"

"Under this killing moon"

The Crumpinator
28 July
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"I'll be the phonograph that plays ur favorite albums back as you're lying there drifting off to sleep"

"Close my eyes, let the whole thing pass me by there is no time to waste asking why ill run away with you by my side"

"I think about your face and how i fall into your eyes"

"How do you do it? make me feel like i do"

"hold me close, dont let the wind follow dont let the wind take us away"

"i dont want to try no more, i dont want to make this right i just want u to be true to me one time"

"twelve days gone by since ive seen you last ill give this one more try ill give it all my best and ill ask what could u be doing so much fun? without me by your side"

"I wanna write the perfect song, and play it just for you while you are tangled up in sleep"

"The stars will cry the blackest tears tonight, this is the moment that i live for i can smell the ocean air and here i am pouring my heart onto these rooftops, just a ghost to the world thats exactly exactly what i am"

"ill be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat with the collar up so you wont catch cold"

"what do i do that you cant seem to want me, and why do we lie here and wisper goodbyes, and where can i go that ur pictures wont haunt me"

"as these waves break there is things ill miss, things i miss and i'm feeling fake, with my whole life on your lips The sky is closed today So here i sit, waiting For a word that is hidden in Clouds
To take me back from here"

"I'm not wishing anymore I'm not writing songs for you I sleep better in the dark I'm not doing this for you"

"And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss, reminds us that the memories will fade"

"Sometimes this all feels like a dream, im waiting here for someone just to wake me up, from this life"

"take another shot at courage, then wonder why the right words never come..u just get none"

"OO tell me why do we give up our hearts to the past, and why do we grow up so fast"

"Lets crawl out onto the rooftops and look at the city lights below us, the world belongs to us tonight"

"somtimes i wonder how im supposed to carry on now ur gone, i loved u more then u ever knew, so maybe now ull finally know"

"and these nights i get high just from breathing, when i lie here with you im sure that im real like that firework over the freeway. I could stay here all day but thats not how you feel."

"the hardest part is not finding what we want to be, its being content with who we are"