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the memories will fade

its over.
Its been over.
I cant even remeber when it started or even if it did but i really need to see that its over and its not coming back.
As you grow up you leave a lot of memories behind, my problem is loving the memories and wanting so bad to go back to that time. But if i really think about it, Ive never ever reallly been satisfied with the way things were. To this day nothings ever right. When i so called "had" that person i was always to scared to see him or to scared to do anything about anything but now that i dont i just sit here and listen to depressing music and want it all back. The truth is i really miss him, i really miss me caring for someone and knowing that they care for me too. Whats wrong with me? im seriously disturbing.

My life needs new people, my life needs people i miss, i just need something to be different, something to be better.

My birthday is in 5 days. 4 actually. Maybe after i get my liscense things will get better. Its not that things are even that bad now, just so boring, the same pointless things everyday. and its not that i dont love my friends, i do and i love being with them its just when i come home at night or even when im out somewhere, i just feel this emptyness, like i cant be myself, i cant even be happy. I think im to insecure to do anything wow im completly just rambling on now.

One more thing, flippy u know that i love u more than life, but u really need to start showing that u still even know ur other friends exist. ive seen u what...mmmmm 1 time in the past 3 weeks cause we ran into eachother at some kids house. i miss you. Have fun in hawaii baby!
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