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I lost my cell phone :(

This summer is going by so fast. I feel like its only a few days since school got out all the days are kind of mushed together.

This past week has basically sucked, last night was fun though. i drove Kats car around and we hung out with tons of people in random places. We came home at 4 in the morning and didnt go to sleep until 530.

I want to go to the beach tomorrow, and then amandas party. I think it will be fun. Everyone is going there.

I want to go out to lunch with Kaley, i never see her anymore i miss us hanging out shes so much fun.

My birthday is in a week and 1/2! Im trying to convince my parents to fly down kristie and then have a huge party at my house, but they dont really like the party idea so much.

I really never have anything to say just thought i could use an update.

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