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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone.

i havent updated in a while. This summers been pretty fun i wish it would be warmer so that i could go to the beach but oh well.

I wish that we went to talis beach house that would be really fun tonight. I love it there its so nice and peaceful. Fire works on the beach its a perfect way to spend 4th of july.

last night was way fun we went to dans dads house and we all just drank and hung out sang songs and it was just fun. then we went to twains. its such a random place but its such a fun atmosphere. Its all young kids late at night and everyones loud and just hanging out. We went to this kids house after played pictonary. me and dans cousin OWNED. The ride home wasnt the most fun expierence. I threw up in nicoles car. Which is no fun. still kind of sick from last night :(

Kris i really hope u come out! i get my liscense in 24 days. Im so excited! its definatly gona bring a lot of freedom. Hopefully ill get a car soon.

i dont really have much to say just needed an update
Have fun today everyone

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