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everythings so fucked up these days.

Thinking about it,
there are things i miss. Lots of things
People i miss, memories i miss.
Its just you dont really relize how fast things go by until they are over. and i know this all is kind of cliche but its true. Ive spent so much of my time looking forward to graduation, highschool, getting a liscense, next week, that i havent truly been able to appreciate each day.

Theres friendships i have let go, that maybe were for the best but i still miss.
I know that graduation day im going to be standing there just like wow how did i let this happen how did it go by so fast.

I duno i was just thinking.. sometimes i think im happy but i dont relaly know. every day seems like a blur to me, like it was just a dream like didnt really happen.
its hard to tell if im truly happy or just sort of living each day.
I dont have much else to say..
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