The Crumpinator (shellbell863) wrote,
The Crumpinator

this quiz was jacked from TALIA

Without moving from your chair, answer these questions.
Without looking guess the time?: 11:45
Were you right?:30 min off
Is the room you are in dark?:nope its day time
What song are you listening to?: d12-my band
How about before that?: time consumer-coheed and cambria
How many soda cans can you see? What kind?: just a mcdonalds cup
Pick up the closest object to you, what is it?: a pen
Can you see out a window, if so what do you see?: a big tree in my backyard, some grass, a puddle and a broken 711 cup
How long have you been logged into AIM?: 15 minutes
How many people are you IMing?: 4
If you could have any one person in the room with you who would it be?: this person
What are you wearing (not to sound like a pervert): a white tshirt and bella dahl jeans
What is the last thing you ate?: mcdonalds breakfast
Turn the music off, what can you hear?:the dryer
What do you see when you look to your left?: my purse and the phone book
How about the right?: a bookshelf.. a printer and fax machine
What is on your mouse pad?: its just blue
What is your desktop picture?: some yellow tulips
Have you visited within the last hour?: yep
Name three other objects that you can reach by only moving your arms.
1): phone
2): white out
3): my drink
Try typing the phrase " I type well" with your nose, do not fix mistakes.:i type well --I DID IT!!
Tilt your chair back, how lon did you stay balanced?: until my chair tilts back up
Where do you wish you were?: hawaii, at the beach
What will you do after this?: drive my dad somewhere, homework
Diagnosis: this is gay
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