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havent updated in a while, i think that i need to.

In english right now with Jeffy and stella and all the other weird kids in my class. I love it.

My break was really fun, i had a good time it was relaly great to spend time with kristie and all my other friends without worry about school and everything else. I dont really have much going in in my life right now.

I had a really long conversation with mike last night. Its really great to talk to someone and just tell them everything while knowing that they are really listening and really actually care. Our conversations are all deep and stuff lol.

So its friday! im relaly excited i dont know what were doing tonight yet but i hope it will be fun. Probly hangin out with charisse and molly.. getting stoned who knows lol.

The oc was amazing on wed. I cant belive there are only two more left, what am i gona do when its over? cry until it comes back on thats what.

Wish i had more to say but i dont.. what can ya do..

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