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"UH OH... i farted"--kristie

Wow i have had a really hard time updating latley. I always forget about it. molly and kristies bdays were really fun.. especially when kristie yarfed in neils car.. haha good times good times. Kristies stay out here was reallly relaly fun we did lots of fun stuff.

Im in oregon now. its fun. today we went and like toured this submarine.. it was really tight i kind of wanna live in one now lol. Then we went to the really good chineese restraunt! omggg.. i got there and to our waitress i was like "dude this is the best restaraunt ive ever been to!" and shes like Uhhh well thanks i guess. then we ran some errons and watched some movies.

On thursday night before we came here we hung out with some people at mollys. it was entertaining.. got high with will and kris.. mike got off grounding so he came to hang out for a while too until he threw a tantrum and left. lol.

I duno what we are doing for the rest of my stay here. Something fun though. we get to go to olive garden this week!!! cant wait.. anywayts i dont really have much else to say.. there needs to be more hot people in oregon and less creeps.

Im wierded out cause there is no one online and me and kristie are in this tiny room right next to eachother on lap tops with recess on.. and we are sitting in total silence iming eachother and both updating our journals... we have lives i swear ..
hmmm thats all for now...

night everyone and happy easter!!

happy bday pops (its my dads bday tomorrow!!)
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hahah yeah all good tillk teh yarf. i really wish i could remeber rthat joke you said when were were stoned, good thing its on mollys wall, lol. aww yess happy bday to your papa!!! haha yeah i believe we have lives, i think, i hope. lol. MUUUUUUAAAAAAAH I love you mo. xoxoxo
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