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Long time since ive written.
Ive been busy i guess.. not really just to lazy to write.

Kristies coming out tomorrow!! im soo excited! i seriously cannot wait. i wont see her till thursday! thats like torture, knowing my best friends in california but i cant hang out with her! pshh.

So i got introuble with the cops on saturday. they just called my parents we were really lucky. Im grounded though i idont know for how long, it could be only a few days or it could be months. All i do know is that my moms gona call like every place i go. whatever thought it was my fault for being so stupid.

MOLLYS bday is on friday!! and kristie and my grandmas bdays are on saturday!!! and adries bday is on sunday! and brittanys bday is on monday!! but Mainly molly and kris!!! its gona be fun!!! yeye happy early sweet 16 guys!!!

Mike and I ditched 4th period today.... u know why? cause we hard core. we text messaged colin and robby.. our comebacks were pretty damn good.. will even complimented themn.. that must mean something

Sorry ur grounded for 2 more weeks mike!! maybe ill be grounded with you :-\

we won our game today! that should be good. dude softball needs to calm down. my whole life is school and softball. Im doing soo bad in school and ontop of being grounded i think that report cards this week are gona screw me over pretty bad.

nothin really else to say.. OCs tomorrow!! and...kristie!! wooot

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