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ugh i hate being sick

ugh i hate being sick, its the worst ever. Its been so nice outside these past few days and ive just been throwing up and lying in bed watching stupid talk shows. I must have seen like 15 different talk shows on like "my man cheated on me with my sister" or "true confessions: im in love with my daughter" so weird. Oh and cant forgett the jewlery networks. Watched so many hours of people trying to sell me ugly jewlery.

I missed math today, like i dont miss it enough, im going to be so behind its so hard to miss work in that class. And i missed ceramics. thats depressing a day without will calling me fire- mikes I love america speaches- matts noises and big one like goobering around.

it feels like summer, its so nice. i really want to go to the beach..
Im buying tickets for spring break in oregon!! im soo excited to see kristie!!!!!! it will be so much fun! and shes coming out here so she gets to see everyone else also! i cant wait!!

i dont really have much else to say.. Im so bored i think ill do my laundry and sleep some more lol. Being sick offically sucks

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