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12:31am 09/08/2004
mood: giddy
I got my liscense 3 days ago.
Ive been driving ever since.
i love it.

KRISTIES DOWN!! shes leaving tomorrow though :( im gona miss her.

i dont really have anything to say but I GOT MY FUCKING LISCENSE.

Thanks for the starbux mikey.

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the memories will fade   
11:49pm 23/07/2004
mood: thoughtful
its over.
Its been over.
I cant even remeber when it started or even if it did but i really need to see that its over and its not coming back.
As you grow up you leave a lot of memories behind, my problem is loving the memories and wanting so bad to go back to that time. But if i really think about it, Ive never ever reallly been satisfied with the way things were. To this day nothings ever right. When i so called "had" that person i was always to scared to see him or to scared to do anything about anything but now that i dont i just sit here and listen to depressing music and want it all back. The truth is i really miss him, i really miss me caring for someone and knowing that they care for me too. Whats wrong with me? im seriously disturbing.

My life needs new people, my life needs people i miss, i just need something to be different, something to be better.

My birthday is in 5 days. 4 actually. Maybe after i get my liscense things will get better. Its not that things are even that bad now, just so boring, the same pointless things everyday. and its not that i dont love my friends, i do and i love being with them its just when i come home at night or even when im out somewhere, i just feel this emptyness, like i cant be myself, i cant even be happy. I think im to insecure to do anything wow im completly just rambling on now.

One more thing, flippy u know that i love u more than life, but u really need to start showing that u still even know ur other friends exist. ive seen u what...mmmmm 1 time in the past 3 weeks cause we ran into eachother at some kids house. i miss you. Have fun in hawaii baby!
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I lost my cell phone :(   
07:46pm 16/07/2004
mood: tired
This summer is going by so fast. I feel like its only a few days since school got out all the days are kind of mushed together.

This past week has basically sucked, last night was fun though. i drove Kats car around and we hung out with tons of people in random places. We came home at 4 in the morning and didnt go to sleep until 530.

I want to go to the beach tomorrow, and then amandas party. I think it will be fun. Everyone is going there.

I want to go out to lunch with Kaley, i never see her anymore i miss us hanging out shes so much fun.

My birthday is in a week and 1/2! Im trying to convince my parents to fly down kristie and then have a huge party at my house, but they dont really like the party idea so much.

I really never have anything to say just thought i could use an update.

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11:46pm 07/07/2004
mood: sore
So i got in a car accident today.

Me and Lindsay were driving and werent really paying attention that all the cars were stopping. We rear ended some one going about 50-60. the air bags went off and the car we hit hit a car infront of them.

Its weird i was just talking about how getting in a car accident is my biggest fear in the world. and then 5 minutes later it happens. Its so scary how one mistake can be so severe when ur driving. it just happens so fast. Luckly me and lindsay walked out with a few scratches and i have had a really bad head and back ache all day. I dont know if i should get that checked out but oh well. The other two people got taken away in an ambulence.

That was basically all that happened but im really afraid to drive now even more than i was.
I get my liscense in 3 weeks from tomorrow.

Anyways that about the only interesting thing that happened today.

Deanna and Amanda got hit by a car today. There ok. im glad. Fucking drivers need to calm down.
Thats all.
Bed time.
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Happy 4th!   
05:26pm 04/07/2004
mood: sick
Happy 4th everyone.

i havent updated in a while. This summers been pretty fun i wish it would be warmer so that i could go to the beach but oh well.

I wish that we went to talis beach house that would be really fun tonight. I love it there its so nice and peaceful. Fire works on the beach its a perfect way to spend 4th of july.

last night was way fun we went to dans dads house and we all just drank and hung out sang songs and it was just fun. then we went to twains. its such a random place but its such a fun atmosphere. Its all young kids late at night and everyones loud and just hanging out. We went to this kids house after played pictonary. me and dans cousin OWNED. The ride home wasnt the most fun expierence. I threw up in nicoles car. Which is no fun. still kind of sick from last night :(

Kris i really hope u come out! i get my liscense in 24 days. Im so excited! its definatly gona bring a lot of freedom. Hopefully ill get a car soon.

i dont really have much to say just needed an update
Have fun today everyone

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11:44pm 11/06/2004
mood: relaxed
I LOVE the summer. It is the ebst thing in the world. Its so carefree just dont have to worry about school about anything. The beach every day and friends at night. its awsome.

I havent updated in a while. The last two days h ave been so much fun just hanging out with my friends. people are so awsome sometimes its ridiculous. i miss all those people like justin and couchy and all of them. I had the most awsome talk with andrew casey last night about the world and what we are. and then later We turkied some girls house. Good times.

Kristie ann egbert!! I miss you! i feel like we havnet gotten to talk in a while and we really need to. U MUST come out here in summer. Im not even kidding it will be so awsome. Mario party till we cant play anymore!! I lOVE U

hm thats about it.
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11:30pm 05/06/2004
mood: tired
wow i havent updated in so long.
Its really weird.
Anyways ive been going througha lot recently with my brother and family stuff. Most people who read this should know what im talking about.
Anyways. I got my hair cut today. I cut like 5 or 6 inches off. Its soo weird its really short. and i got bangs. Im not sure if i lke it though molly and charisse love it though, which is a good thing i guess haha.
this weekends been fun hung out with jackie janna molly charisse and garette and dan for the night. it was fun.
Today we went to this party in like ghetto agoura. It was ok there were some weird people there though. then i saw friends are starbux. It was cool.
Tomorrow im going deep sea fishing with my family for my brothers 20th birthday. Its gona be so scary im afraid of big boats in the middle of the sea lol.
anyways i dont really have much to say, my cell phones not working right now which is annoing.

thats it. goodnight
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i cant do this anymore   
03:08pm 09/05/2004
mood: hurt
do u know what it feels like to have someone tell u that u ruined their life? that everything that is going on wrong in their life is your fault. EVERY time i am happy with myself, happy with my life you just make me feel like i am shit. Im sorry that im busy and i wish that you could be in my place and see what my life is like, how much stuff i have to do daily and how it feels to loose touch with someone for a week and come wanting to talk to them and just read how much they hate you? Im sorry if u dont like who i am.. im just fucking me. Im MIchelle Christine Crump i cannot be anyone different. If u hate me, u need to say this to my face. Im sick of reading it or hearing it from other people. If our relationship is shitty and im ruining ur life SAY IT TO ME. I am who i am i cant be anyone else. I Love you and u know that, i just i really dont know how to deal with this drama anymore. we need to get past this or if i really make u scream thinking about me, maybe move on from eachother. I dont know how to say goodbye to you, i really dont.but if u really feel that way about me.. maybe its for the best. You know who you are.
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tonight i missed...RACOONS FIGHTING   
12:24am 09/05/2004
mood: nerdy
Havent updated in a while. lots has been going on its been fun.
molly got her liscense on thursday!! CONGRATS MOLL!!
Thurday i had a softball game, for once it was actually a good game, we tied 1-1 in extra innings. Will had the courtsey to come to my game, stand on the hill and scream "HUSTLE FIREEE HUSTLE!!!" hm. After the game he challanged me to a race. so we raced. It was pretty close we were at the same exact point until the end when he did this like horse thing with his leg and like leaped over the finish line. He claims that he killed me and was jogging backwards at the end, but he just cant admit that he almost lost... to me.

Then moll picked me up with ashlee jackie and kelsey we just drove around for a while hung out, went to garettes juliannes and a few other random places.

Friday didnt go to softball so we left school around 1230 we went to target and got some stuff and while we were backing out of the parking lot, we get into a car accident. The lady that we "tapped" was like crying when her car wasnt even hurt, it was pretty much just dirt that she could get fixed with fucking a tub of wax. but she had to be a little bitch and take down all our info and make a big deal about it, i think she hoped that we were a lot dumber and wouldnt think to take down her info and take pictures Oh fuckin well. Later that night we went to this kids house for a kick back in the butt fuck of newberry park. It was kind of worth it though. we drove around a lot and did some other stuff i cant think of at the moment.

Today was awsome. We woke up early and went to the beach me jackie molly and reese. we got there at 11 with our little beach chairs and coolers it was fun. we layed out and me and reese went in the like 20 degree water. Then while im just chillin i turn around and see this black kid and this group of teenagers and the teenagers are throughing this kid a football.. the kid was wearing a full on thong. Like no joke SUchh a funny sight. So me and jack went to through away trash and he started talking to us and were jnust like omg ur wearing a fucking thong like i cant take u seriously right now. So later him and some kids come over to talk to us and it turns out they were really chill and pretty hot. we hung out with them for a while and then we ended up going home.

me and charisse went to TJ max and tried on big huge hooker shoes while molly was in the tanning salon. then the rest of the night we just ended up driving around and hanging out wtih random people. Even though it seemed boring i didnt really mind it, sometimes i dont relize how funny my friends are its great. Jackie tells me i laaugh like her grandma when truthfully she laughs like a 50 year old mom. and then... I MISSED RACOONS fighting..like full on fighting. I am really upset about that.

Well im sure this is getting boring like what i do everyday lol.
Tomorrows mothers day so happy mothers day to all u moms!!
Im sunburnt...again. Its painful

I missed the OC season finally. So depressing. Not much else to say.

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everythings so fucked up these days.   
10:24pm 03/05/2004
mood: thoughtful
Thinking about it,
there are things i miss. Lots of things
People i miss, memories i miss.
Its just you dont really relize how fast things go by until they are over. and i know this all is kind of cliche but its true. Ive spent so much of my time looking forward to graduation, highschool, getting a liscense, next week, that i havent truly been able to appreciate each day.

Theres friendships i have let go, that maybe were for the best but i still miss.
I know that graduation day im going to be standing there just like wow how did i let this happen how did it go by so fast.

I duno i was just thinking.. sometimes i think im happy but i dont relaly know. every day seems like a blur to me, like it was just a dream like didnt really happen.
its hard to tell if im truly happy or just sort of living each day.
I dont have much else to say..
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caity---dont be so gullable   
09:16pm 02/05/2004
mood: Burnt
Funniest thing ever- On friday i give caity a grit. So she smoked it and ims me today:

XcaityyX [9:05 PM]: haha dude that grit you gave me fucked me up it was sooo weird
XcaityyX [9:05 PM]: not fucked me up
XcaityyX [9:05 PM]: but like my legs were shaking after like crazy and i couldn't walk straight and shit
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:05 PM]: hahah
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:05 PM]: its cause it had cocain in it
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:05 PM]: well crack actually
XcaityyX [9:05 PM]: WHAT!
XcaityyX [9:05 PM]: MICHELLE!
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:05 PM]: haha u like it though
XcaityyX [9:06 PM]: hahaha omg michelle
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:06 PM]: caity did CRACCK
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:06 PM]: how do u feel about that u big druggy?
XcaityyX [9:07 PM]: omg michelle you suck!
XcaityyX [9:07 PM]: it was actually bad i didn't really like it though
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:07 PM]: OOOhh Shit!! caity u just got pUNKD
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:07 PM]: Im just kididng i dotn do fuckin crack dude
SHeLLbeLL863 [9:07 PM]: that stuff disgusting
XcaityyX [9:08 PM]: OH FUCK YOU!
XcaityyX [9:08 PM]: hahahaha
XcaityyX [9:08 PM]: i hate you!hahaha

haha, caity i love you. lol

Havent updated in a while,been busy with softball and stuff.and school now since i finally relized that i actually have to pass geometry.
Im going to a tutor tomorrow.. blah hopefully hell help me understand though

I went to the beach today with my parents and molly and jackie. It was sooooo pretty there. Jackie was a little wimp and wouldnt come in the water at first but she eventually came in. Molly never left her towel except to get a drink adn move to the chair instead of the blanket lol. i was trying to get tan but instead i got sooooo burnt its really hard for me to move my legs right now and sit down.

Its almost possitive the new neighbors are hot. YEEEEAHH. Kris u need to see this kid.. lol

i really have nothing to say, im so tired im not going to 2nd and part of 4th period tomorrow and THE FUCKIN SEASAON FINALLY OF THE OC on wed!! YESSSSSSs

Molly gets her liscense in 4 days!! yeeah

Oh and what do u people think of the new icon? its my emo picture i look like im gona start crying and write a poem..hmm well,

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this quiz was jacked from TALIA   
12:17pm 25/04/2004
  Without moving from your chair, answer these questions.
Without looking guess the time?: 11:45
Were you right?:30 min off
Is the room you are in dark?:nope its day time
What song are you listening to?: d12-my band
How about before that?: time consumer-coheed and cambria
How many soda cans can you see? What kind?: just a mcdonalds cup
Pick up the closest object to you, what is it?: a pen
Can you see out a window, if so what do you see?: a big tree in my backyard, some grass, a puddle and a broken 711 cup
How long have you been logged into AIM?: 15 minutes
How many people are you IMing?: 4
If you could have any one person in the room with you who would it be?: this person
What are you wearing (not to sound like a pervert): a white tshirt and bella dahl jeans
What is the last thing you ate?: mcdonalds breakfast
Turn the music off, what can you hear?:the dryer
What do you see when you look to your left?: my purse and the phone book
How about the right?: a bookshelf.. a printer and fax machine
What is on your mouse pad?: its just blue
What is your desktop picture?: some yellow tulips
Have you visited livejournal.com within the last hour?: yep
Name three other objects that you can reach by only moving your arms.
1): phone
2): white out
3): my drink
Try typing the phrase " I type well" with your nose, do not fix mistakes.:i type well --I DID IT!!
Tilt your chair back, how lon did you stay balanced?: until my chair tilts back up
Where do you wish you were?: hawaii, at the beach
What will you do after this?: drive my dad somewhere, homework
Diagnosis: this is gay
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09:01am 23/04/2004
mood: happy
havent updated in a while, i think that i need to.

In english right now with Jeffy and stella and all the other weird kids in my class. I love it.

My break was really fun, i had a good time it was relaly great to spend time with kristie and all my other friends without worry about school and everything else. I dont really have much going in in my life right now.

I had a really long conversation with mike last night. Its really great to talk to someone and just tell them everything while knowing that they are really listening and really actually care. Our conversations are all deep and stuff lol.

So its friday! im relaly excited i dont know what were doing tonight yet but i hope it will be fun. Probly hangin out with charisse and molly.. getting stoned who knows lol.

The oc was amazing on wed. I cant belive there are only two more left, what am i gona do when its over? cry until it comes back on thats what.

Wish i had more to say but i dont.. what can ya do..

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"UH OH... i farted"--kristie   
10:58pm 10/04/2004
mood: hairy
Wow i have had a really hard time updating latley. I always forget about it. molly and kristies bdays were really fun.. especially when kristie yarfed in neils car.. haha good times good times. Kristies stay out here was reallly relaly fun we did lots of fun stuff.

Im in oregon now. its fun. today we went and like toured this submarine.. it was really tight i kind of wanna live in one now lol. Then we went to the really good chineese restraunt! omggg.. i got there and to our waitress i was like "dude this is the best restaraunt ive ever been to!" and shes like Uhhh well thanks i guess. then we ran some errons and watched some movies.

On thursday night before we came here we hung out with some people at mollys. it was entertaining.. got high with will and kris.. mike got off grounding so he came to hang out for a while too until he threw a tantrum and left. lol.

I duno what we are doing for the rest of my stay here. Something fun though. we get to go to olive garden this week!!! cant wait.. anywayts i dont really have much else to say.. there needs to be more hot people in oregon and less creeps.

Im wierded out cause there is no one online and me and kristie are in this tiny room right next to eachother on lap tops with recess on.. and we are sitting in total silence iming eachother and both updating our journals... we have lives i swear ..
hmmm thats all for now...

night everyone and happy easter!!

happy bday pops (its my dads bday tomorrow!!)
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07:57pm 30/03/2004
mood: curious
Long time since ive written.
Ive been busy i guess.. not really just to lazy to write.

Kristies coming out tomorrow!! im soo excited! i seriously cannot wait. i wont see her till thursday! thats like torture, knowing my best friends in california but i cant hang out with her! pshh.

So i got introuble with the cops on saturday. they just called my parents we were really lucky. Im grounded though i idont know for how long, it could be only a few days or it could be months. All i do know is that my moms gona call like every place i go. whatever thought it was my fault for being so stupid.

MOLLYS bday is on friday!! and kristie and my grandmas bdays are on saturday!!! and adries bday is on sunday! and brittanys bday is on monday!! but Mainly molly and kris!!! its gona be fun!!! yeye happy early sweet 16 guys!!!

Mike and I ditched 4th period today.... u know why? cause we hard core. we text messaged colin and robby.. our comebacks were pretty damn good.. will even complimented themn.. that must mean something

Sorry ur grounded for 2 more weeks mike!! maybe ill be grounded with you :-\

we won our game today! that should be good. dude softball needs to calm down. my whole life is school and softball. Im doing soo bad in school and ontop of being grounded i think that report cards this week are gona screw me over pretty bad.

nothin really else to say.. OCs tomorrow!! and...kristie!! wooot

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12:08am 13/03/2004
  Ok im so bored, seriously.. this is the second entry in like 10 minutes. The only thing that could make this better...yess....Im gona go make myself some cookies and milk.. Yes MILK.mm.

Story i forgot to tell earlier. Im the biggest like stompy weirdo. I was standing on a wall trying to be all hardass and will called me faggot fire and bens like at the door of his class and im like FUCK U WILL ANd i turn to look at ben and i FALL Off the wall. Like full on FALLL off the wall. So emberassing when ur trying ot be a hardass.. thats it.
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So yeah   
11:36pm 12/03/2004
mood: discontent
Tonight kind of blew. Didnt get home from practice until around 630 and then we just hung out random places with random people. Didnt do much. Then Dan James and Bill called and i wanted to hang with them but they were going to T.O and i had to be home in an hour so they just dropped me off. :( oh well.
Tomorrow i have a million hours of softball. When i decided to play this year i didnt know it was gona take up every free second of my life. I love softball. but i dont know playing it everyday for hours and then on the weekends gets to be a bit much.

I cannot wait until kristie comes. Seriously thats like the biggest thing that im looking forward to right now. Its gona be so great and even if we just sat in my room and watched movie after movie (cough like we did last time cough) its still the best thing ever. I read her journal entry and she seemed so happy and it just like put me in a good mood. Seeing her happy is so important to me. KRIS I CANT WAIT IM COUNTING THE DAYS!! lol.

Music is the best thing ever. Like seriously it makes the way that i feel everday. I found out that my mood for the day goes along with the first thing thati hear when my alarm goes off. Its just so cool how music can change an atmosphere.

My lifes kind of at a flat point, theres nothing going on with it right now. Just like blah. I wish something big or important would come along.
I really want to go to that music thing in may. It would be amazing.I dont know its far away and pretty expensive.

If i had a liscense my life would be so much better. Only 138 more days..not that im counting or anything.

Its sad when you have something that slowly slips away. Im loosing touch with one of my best friends and i dont know how to make it work. I dont feel like were "US" anymore. Like it seems like difficult to talk and we went form every night on the phone to talking sometimes at school. I miss her a lot. I really do but how do i make things better? i really dont know how.

Theres really nothing else that i need to say.
I should sleep cause i have to wake up in like 5 hours.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my coheed cd. SOO good. Thanks MIKE!! ive been listening to it all night.

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ugh i hate being sick   
11:52am 09/03/2004
mood: sick
ugh i hate being sick, its the worst ever. Its been so nice outside these past few days and ive just been throwing up and lying in bed watching stupid talk shows. I must have seen like 15 different talk shows on like "my man cheated on me with my sister" or "true confessions: im in love with my daughter" so weird. Oh and cant forgett the jewlery networks. Watched so many hours of people trying to sell me ugly jewlery.

I missed math today, like i dont miss it enough, im going to be so behind its so hard to miss work in that class. And i missed ceramics. thats depressing a day without will calling me fire- mikes I love america speaches- matts noises and big one like goobering around.

it feels like summer, its so nice. i really want to go to the beach..
Im buying tickets for spring break in oregon!! im soo excited to see kristie!!!!!! it will be so much fun! and shes coming out here so she gets to see everyone else also! i cant wait!!

i dont really have much else to say.. Im so bored i think ill do my laundry and sleep some more lol. Being sick offically sucks

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12:36am 06/03/2004
  [x] Name: Michelle Christine Crump
[x] Birthdate: July 28, 1988
[x] Birthplace: Westlake
[x] Current Location: My Bedroom
[x] Eye Color: blueish green
[x] Hair Color: this is a sore subject... i guess ill just go with strawberry blonde
[x] Righty or Lefty: lefty
[x] Zodiac Sign: Leo
[x] Innie or Outtie: Innie


[x] The shoes you wore today:all black adidas with white stripes, never wear them but they went with my shirt
[x] Your eyes: hmm i duno how to explain them

-----------------WHAT IS------------------

[x] Your most overused phrase on aol: lol or haha
[x] Your thoughts first waking up: Noooo

[x] The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes, teeth
[x] Your best physical feature: hmm.. id say my nose its the only thing i dont have a problem with
[x] Your bedtime: whenever i feel like getting offline
[x] Your most missed memory: 8th grade, foods
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------

[x] Pepsi or coke: hm this all depends.. in a can or a fountain? Pepsi if its in a can, Coke if its in a fountain
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds
[x] Adidas or Nike: Adidas
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: coffee

-------------DO YOU------------------

[x] Smoke: sometimes
[x] Cuss: yes

[x] Do you think you ever been in love?yeah eventually
[x] Want to go to college: yeah
[x] Like high school: Yep
[x] Want to get married: yeah
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys:yupp.. Props to typing programs!!
[x] Believe in yourself: sometimes
[x] Get motion sickness:not usualy, sometimes on windy roads
[x] Think you're a health freak: no..lol
[x] Get along with your parents: i do sometimes, we kind of fight a lot
[x] Like thunderstorms: They are scary but yeah i like them
[x] Play an instrument: ....no comment

------------IN THE PAST MONTH DID:/:HAVE YOU-------------

[x] Go to the mall: Yes
[x] Eaten sushi: eww
[x] Been on stage: nope
[x] been dumped: nope
[x] Gone skating: Nope
[x] Made homemade cookies:hmm..does cake count?
[x] Been in love: no
[x] Dyed your hair: nope
[x] Stolen anything: dont think so

-------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

[x] Flown on a plane: yup
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: haha such a good question for molly, i think i actually have once though
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Yeah, i have a really hard time with that though
[x] Cried during a Movie?: Yeah many times
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Yeah
[x] Had an imaginary friend: yes kelsey and her dog taco (haha per)
[x] Cut your hair: the split ends.. well i burnt it today!! that could count
[x] Had crush on a teacher?:ew [x] Played a game that required removal of clothing?: dont think so
[x] Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
[x] Been caught "doing something": ..
[x] Been called a tease: nope
[x] Gotten beaten up?: Nope
[x] Been in a fight: yup
[x] Shoplifted: yeah (kris lol)

----------------THE FUTURE------------------

[x] Age you hope to be married: 25
[x] Numbers and Names of Children: 3..Max is cute for a girl.. i dont know
[x] Descibe your Dream Wedding (romantic): the beach like in hawaii with lots of flowers and all white
[x] What do you want to be when you grow up?: dont know yet
[x] What country would you most like to visit?: not sure
-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------

[x] Best eye color: I like blue eyes, but it can depend on the person
[x] Hair color: depends
[x] Short or long hair: depends
[x] Best height: 6
[x] Best first date location: hm..
[x] Best first kiss location: the beach

-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: 6
[x] Number of tattoos: none
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: once or twice
[x] Number of scars on my body: like 4
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: a few


[x] Shampoo: healthy sexy hair, herbal essence
[x] Fav Color(s): lots
[x] Day/Night: Night [x] Summer/Winter: Summer [x] Lace or Satin: Lace
[x] Fave Cartoon Character: Apu
[x] Fave Food: starbux, potatoes, ice cream, strawberries, so much
[x] Fave Movies: pocohauntus.. lots of other movies
[x] Fave sport:softball, baseball

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------

[x] Wearing: jeans and a black tshirt
[x] Drinking: Nothing
[x] Thinking about: everything

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

[x] Cried:yeah
[x] Worn jeans: yeah
[x] Met someone new online: ew thats kind of weird
[x] Done laundry:yeah
[x] Drove a car: yeah
[x] Talked on the phone: yeah---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------

[x] Yourself: sometimes
[x] Your friends: most of the time
[x] Santa Claus: :( no.
[x] Tooth Fairy: no
[x] Angels: yeah
[x] Ghosts: yeah
[x] UFO's: sure
[x] God: I do

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: sometimes, like every girl in the world has the name michelle
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Nope
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Kaley, Michelle clark, Kristie
[x] Are you close to any family member?: pretty close to my dad, sometimes my brother
[x] Who do you hang around the most?: molly
[x] When have you cried the most: the begging of this year, when kristie moved
[x] What's the best feeling in the world?: knowing that theres people out there that care for you and would really do anything for you, and also being confident in yourself
[x] Worst Feeling?: doubting yourself, feeling alone
2 Gave Into Peer Pressure * Everyone Else Is Doing It
So my hair caught on fire tonight   
12:09am 06/03/2004
mood: tired
Tonight was really fun.. Really interesting but fun at the same time.

Well to start out the day i woke up at 6 and got ready for school, went to school classes blah blah softball for a million hours.

After softball molly picked me up, we went to talis. To start of the greatness of the night. as will and mike would say i "barney-ed" it and i totaly knocked over one of talis glasses and broke it all over the floor. haha then i tried picking it up.. and guess what? yes i cut myself lol.

So then we went with michelle, we decided to go to starbux. SO we get to starbux and i see Lindsey my brothers girlfriend. So i end up talking to her for like an hour or so, mostly about my brother but it was fine. we are always really lame to eachother but its cool to just talk to her once in a while and be decent.
Then charisse kayla garette alex and a some other people show up. We decidied to go to this girls house she was having a "party" get to the girls house its like 20 people that are like all her friens. Kind of weird.so we decide we will just go to alex's. OK. This is where the fun part comes in

We are in the car on the way to Alex's house. michelles smoking a cigarette and she puts it out the window, Blows back in the other window and into my hair. Wow. ME, being a retard is just sitting there like drumming singing dashboard all loud and then everyones like eww what the fuck is that smell.. im like ew it smells like burning hair. Talia goes "MICHELLE ITS IN UR FUCKING HAIR!!" i freak out and like flip my head upside down. Ok im like yelling and like michelle stops in the middle of the street and puts on her hazard lights and people are like honking and meanwhile my hair is like making a sizzling noise and im like screaming. Ok Handfuls of my hair is just falling out into the car. imlike OMG MY HAIR!!!!! and we cant get it out everyone in the cars hands are in my hair. Finally we get it out and im like hypervenalating and so much of my hair fell out. Its soooo funny now that i think about it but it was so weird hahaha.. I laughed so hard after word. I totaly pictured myself like with no hair on half my head, like a comb over or like wearing my hair in a side pony tail to try to cover it up.. haha but you cant tell. too bad eh?

Get to alexs tell everyone the story and then theres like 20 people around listening to my story and Tyler goes "Michelle your officially a fire crotch!" im like "WHHAAATT".. because if u know me.. my hairs Strawberry blonde, i HATE to be called a red head. So im like Ok EVERYONE what COlor is my hair! and tylers like no cause ur hair caught on fire. haha i waslike ooh that better be the reason. Totaly reminded me of will calling me fire. haha.

SO we leave Alex's and go with michelle tali molly and these 2 guys bowling. We went to camarillo it was really fun. I sucked the first game but the second game i was bowling for me and molly. All strikes and spares.. michelle dominated (even though talias "The Dominator")

So then after our game we just came home, i wanted to take the bowling shoes but i was too scared and i felt kind of bad. So i left them.

So tomorrow i have softball tournament from 8 in the morning till 4 in the after noon, soo not looking forward to waking up that early and playing softball all day.

Dont know what im doing tomorrow night hopefully it will be as eventful as this one.

This nights defantily a huge memory.
Time for michelle to sleep.
2 Gave Into Peer Pressure * Everyone Else Is Doing It