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wow i havent updated in so long.
Its really weird.
Anyways ive been going througha lot recently with my brother and family stuff. Most people who read this should know what im talking about.
Anyways. I got my hair cut today. I cut like 5 or 6 inches off. Its soo weird its really short. and i got bangs. Im not sure if i lke it though molly and charisse love it though, which is a good thing i guess haha.
this weekends been fun hung out with jackie janna molly charisse and garette and dan for the night. it was fun.
Today we went to this party in like ghetto agoura. It was ok there were some weird people there though. then i saw friends are starbux. It was cool.
Tomorrow im going deep sea fishing with my family for my brothers 20th birthday. Its gona be so scary im afraid of big boats in the middle of the sea lol.
anyways i dont really have much to say, my cell phones not working right now which is annoing.

thats it. goodnight
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